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Blue Ocean Entrepreneurs

Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) around the world account for 95% of all businesses and 77% of employment on average, yet their contribution to GDP is a mere 54%.

Entrepreneurship is fabled to be a black box – a random act resulting from some combination of genius, luck, or trial and error. What if entrepreneurship can be cultivated through creative education and failure minimized through the use of proven methodologies and frameworks? How can we create a more systematic way to help entrepreneurs succeed? Blue ocean strategy tools and frameworks provide a compelling way.

Here we explore how entrepreneurs around the world are using blue ocean strategy.

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18Feb '15

Sixty Second Interview – Hasan Mustafa

Here is the city

The founder of Collar Club, a company that offers a subscription service for made-to-order Italian shirts and luxury laundering, has revealed that he is a Blue Ocean Strategy fan. Hasan [...]
17Feb '15

Winning Advice for Small Business Owners


One key lesson that the founders of Nexba – the Australian natural drinks company – learned early on was to ‘pressure test’ their business idea. To do this Nexba used [...]
17Feb '15

Voka-lid in de kijker: Belofloripa (Brugge) [Voka- member in the spotlight: Belofloripa (Bruges)]


Brazilian Grace Keli de Aguilar Gomes moved to Belgium in 2000, and since reading Blue Ocean Strategy in 2007, she leads a business with more than thirty employees between the [...]
17Feb '15

Banks Need to Create a Fintech Unicorn EVERY YEAR

Lunn, B.
Bank Innovation

Banks, entrepreneur Bernard Lunn writes, should take the approach of start-ups. Start-ups don’t look to compete in red oceans of contested markets, rather they look for big blue ocean opportunities [...]
14Feb '15

Cum mi-am implinit visul american: Romania-Microsoft-Hollywood si retur (How I turned the American dream: Romania-Microsoft-Hollywood and back)

Dumitriu, O.
Business 24

In this interview, entrepreneur Dan Mocanu reveals that he read and applied blue ocean strategy to his own business – Aperio Executive Coaching – and used blue ocean strategy to [...]
06Feb '15

Una montaña de oportunidades [A Mountain of Opportunities]

Molina, A.

“Sierra Nevada también puede ser un océano azul, una inmensa oportunidad empresarial de color blanco…” A popular destination for snow sports, the author of this article sees that the Sierra [...]
06Feb '15

COMUNICADO: Emprendimiento e innovación, motores de la recuperación económica, destacan expertos del IE Alumni Forum

Europa Press

“Hay muchas más oportunidades de innovación en los negocios actuales que en lo que se suelen llamar los océanos azules…” The Dean of IE Business School and President of IR [...]
03Feb '15


Menezes, E.

The author of this article adopts a motivational tone and encourages Brazilian companies and individuals to sail into their own blue ocean. Giving examples of Brazilian organizations which had gone [...]
03Feb '15

Blue Ocean Strategy – The Expanded Edition

Blue Ocean Strategy

The Expanded Edition of Blue Ocean Strategy is officially released today! It promises to push your strategic thinking to the next level. Embraced by organizations and industries around the world [...]